The Review On E-books

E-books are electronic books that can be sold or freely distributed through the Internet. They have a variety of information and uses while others are audiobooks. Most people love these things, as they take hardly any time at all to put together and can really help market yourself or your business. Take a look at some instances where E-books can really take your business to the next level.

First, an E-book can be on most any subject you can imagine– from dogs to kids, to even Internet marketing. Most of these are very easy to read and can be very short or long depending on how much work is put into them. Of course, the more work you put into them, the better they usually are. One big advantage to an E-book is you can cater them to do whatever you like. Many businesses and individuals are using them to promote their business or whatever they are selling. This is made easier as these books can be coded with your own website links or your own products if that is what you desire.

No longer are you at the mercy of anyone else. If you can type, then you can be a published author if you want. The E-book craze just keeps rolling on and it looks like that won’t end anytime soon either. Most people give away E-books as a way to get more people to look at their products and it works extremely well for the most part. Others package them with reports or something else so they can give more value for the buck. No matter which option you choose, the E-book is a very powerful tool that can change your business virtually overnight if you market it right. Sales from one book can equal thousands of dollars if you hire affiliates and others to promote your product. Just don’t write it and sit on it. Get it out there and see how it does for you. You may be surprised at the success you have with it and all the people that actually read it.

One of the biggest mistakes many people make with using E-books is putting together one so fast it just isn’t worth publishing. Many mistakes can be made if you don’t do your homework, especially on the subject. This is something to always remember. You can’t fake what you don’t know, so always consider that when making an E-book. Do it on a subject that you love and know a lot about. Don’t do it on things you have very little knowledge on because it will show through very quickly. E-books can be your best friends if you use them properly or your worst nightmare if you don’t. All this give the review on e-books.


Audiobooks – Your Best Friend

If you want to talk about technology creating a feel-good humanitarian story, then look no further than audiobooks meant for the physically impaired.

We live in a world where information travels through the form of computer screens, newspapers, and textbooks. Blind people have long struggled with many of the things that most people take for granted, including the ability to just open a book, magazine, or newspaper and read the contents.

Today’s biggest technological advancements through computers and internet access, provide an opportunity to view even more information, but in a format that is difficult for those with visual impairments. Braille, of course, is one method that blind people can enjoy written the language and learn. However, this physical form of reading is expensive, making it unhelpful for many who are blind.

When audiobooks for blind people were developed, it opened many doors for the blind, allowing them to get information easily, hear a story, and stay updated on current events.

With the mass production of books in audio form for the blind and others, visually impaired people for the first time can go online and download dozens of different books for themselves. With this, they have the ability to learn for free and cheaply.
Technology really can help improve and enhance people’s lives: in the case of audiobooks, it has helped the visually impaired and outwardly debilitated people get educated. One thing they couldn’t achieve just five or ten years ago.

No subject is off limits where these books are concerned, so visually impaired people today can educate themselves in subjects like art, music, drama, economics, history, geography and literature to the point that was unattainable for the average blind person just a few years ago.

Significant advances that have been made in blind education through audiobooks in the core areas of reading, writing, mathematics and science, and as a result, blind people can easily access educational audiobooks.

Books in audio form for the blind can also be obtained just for the pleasure of reading a story this is not only for the blind but can as well help those who are not impaired. There are thousands of books available in audio formats that can be easily accessed for enjoyment by visually impaired people, and this includes popular and contemporary authors, fiction books of all genres, and non-fiction works as well.

Audiobooks are an excellent example of how technology can benefit and enhance people’s lives, especially those with disabilities.

Instead of searching bookstore after bookstore to find the right audio book you should try to download mp3 audio books online.

By using the internet and certain websites you can download mp3 audiobooks at your convenience and you can find a broad range of what you are searching for.
When searching for a particular title of audiobooks or just looking for something that is new for you to listen to, looking online for a downloadable mp3 audiobook will help you to find what you need.

There are many different websites that you can go to and look for audiobooks. Downloadable audiobooks are very popular now, and many people use them every day.

By downloading audiobooks, you will be able to use the audiobooks on many different devices. You can listen on your personal computer as well as on your mp3 player.


A short history of the audiobooks

In 1920 the Royal National Institute for the Blind in England was already doing research on how to create audiobooks for the blind. At that time there were a lot of ex World War 1 soldiers who had gone blind as a result of the fighting. In 1926 the RNIB started to use LP’s to record audio books which could be played on record players (the kind with the big horn, you had to swing a handle a couple of times before it would play).

Agatha ChristieIn 1936 the “Talking Book Service” was launched.The first two books were:’The murder of Roger Ackroyd’ by Agatha Christie and Joseph Conrad’s ‘Thyphoon’. The records used at the time could hold 25 minutes of spoken text, so they needed about 10 records for an average audio book.

In 1940 the studio used by the RNIB was bombed, and one month later a replacement studio was bombed as well.The RNIB wanted to start publishing audio books again, but they needed certain materials which had been destroyed.

In America, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), had started producing audio books as wel, and they did send the much needed parts to help their English counterparts. Unfortunately the shipment got lost during a bombing raid of the London harbor! A second shipment however did make it, and the RNIB was able to start again with the production of audio books.

In the sixties the audio books started to appear on cassettes, and later, after the compact disk player, on CD’s.

Nowadays the audio books have become more are popular then ever before, in spite of their age. One of the main reasons for their ever growing popularity is the fact that audio books can be downloaded straight from the Internet. There are a good few audio book publishers who provide this service, and it looks like their on to a winner.

Audio books, more then 70 years old and still growing strong.